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Hair spa is a procedure that helps make hair strong, bouncy and shiny, while simultaneously dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control.

(only Cream Application, 20 mins Massage and Steam )

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Hair Spa : Every thing you need to know
A hair spa is a rejuvenating hair treatment with its own unique benefits. It relaxes you almost immediately, and leaves your hair looking lustrous and feeling soft. Hair spa treatments also help reduce the effects of pollution, dirt and sun, while strengthening your hair.

What is Hair Spa Best Used For?
Hair spa treatments are a highly effective solution for these common hair problems:-
• Hair breakage
• Thinning hair
• Hair fall
• Dry and dull hair
• Rough hair
• Dry and itchy scalp
• Slow hair growth
• Dandruff
• Oily scalp

Types of Hair Spa Treatments
1. Hair Spa for Dandruff
As the name suggests, the special an anti-dandruff hair spa treatment deals with unsightly dandruff. The products used to add lustre and smoothness to the hair and make the scalp clear and fresh.

2. Hair Spa for Hair Fall
An anti-hairfall hair spa treatment contains omega-3 fatty acids and other ingredients to help stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

3. Hair Spa for Oily Hair & Scalp
n oily scalp can lead to lack of volume in hair as well as dandruff. A specialised hair spa treatment helps bring balance to an oily scalp and refreshes it completely.

4. Hair Spa Treatment for Itchy Scalp
Dry and itchy scalp can be a cause of discomfort and embarrassment for many people which is why most salons offer a calming hair spa treatment.

5. Hair Spa Treatment for Coloured Hair
Coloured hair needs extra protection and care since they are fragile and prone to breaking because of the colouring treatments.

6. Hair Smoothening Spa Treatment
Irrespective of your hair type, a smoothing hair spa treatment can help manage your hair properly.

Hair Spa Benefits
Some people do not know how good hair spa can be for their hair and even assume that hair spa treatments are expensive. This is simply not true since there are different types of hair spa treatments for different hair types as well as budgets. You can go for a simple treatment regularly and choose an advanced treatment for special occasions or if you are dealing with hair problems.
1. It Conditions the Hair
2. It Normalises Oil Secretion
3. It Improves Blood Circulation
4. It Repairs Damaged Hair
5. It Reduces Hair and Scalp Issues
6. It Relaxes the Mind

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