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Rebonding means breaking the actual bonds of hair to change their structure, rebonding creams are applied first to break the bonds then, straightening is done to achieve desired structure (sleek and straight) in the end a fixer is applied to retain the sleekness.

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Hair Smoothing: Everything you need to know

Hair smoothing or smoothening may be an action that uses an aldehyde resolution to saturate your hair strands, post that a flat iron is employed to line it. The procedure smoothes out the hair and removes kink and waterlessness. It’s a fast fix for somebody considering hair straightening.

We all need to possess shiny, soft and frizz-free hair within the least times. Typically this can be often true, particularly for Indian girls Who ought to perpetually fight external conditions like humidity, pollution, heat and aircon. thus on notice super shiny tresses, we’ve used treatments like smoothening treatments like restful and re-bonding, additionally as straightening irons.

 However Long Do Smoothing Treatments Last?

The effects of hair smoothing last anyplace between 2-5 months. Wavy and frizzly hair will profit out of the treatments, whereas they’ll not be that effective for thick and curly hair.

What are the various advantages of this treatment?

Hair smoothening needs no tools you’ll apply materials with the help of your fingers.

Benefits include:

  1. It will relax the phrase for an extended amount, while not formula while not damaging.
  2. Hair smoothening doesn’t involve harsh and powerful chemicals, that for good amendment the structure of hairs. Typically this can be often a lightweight procedure that brings back your hairs.
  3. Hair smoothening is one of the only for refined wanting straight hair.
  4. This method measures usually enforced on for good dyes, relaxed and bleached hair. It helps your hair to become soft and additionally improves lustre and shine. There’s a non-long lasting injury.
  5. It makes your hair silkier and exciting.


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