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Nail art is the art of drawing or painting differing types of patterns on the nails. There are various techniques to invigorate your nails with exclusive nail art decoration. Nail art is categorized on the premise of those techniques obtainable at GlamShe. It’s gained a hell ton of recognition and now it’s trending truly.

Varied kinds of Nail Art

Painting with a Brush

This technique is like any different painting wherever one will use a selection of brushes that are best suited. One will draw any example of an alternative by taking the assistance of those brushes.

Sponge Bobbing

One will use this method for obtaining gradient and less luminous styles on nails. Usually, the base coat is applied, and it is left to dry, and so a sponge with nail varnish is employed and applied on the nails.


As so much as the nail stamping technique thinks about, initial the image that is written on the nail has to be lined by the low-set layer of special nail paints within the image plate upon the nails.


The base color is an initial phase of applying on the nails, and so the tape is removed little items and in a while applied to the nails.

Stencil Technique

Like we tend to liquidate tape recording, the complete nail is painted with distinct colored nail varnish. Then, once your time, once it dries, the stencil is removed, thereby constructing the pattern the same as the stencil.

Airbrush Nail Art Technique

Airbrush machines are used for descending paint on nails. These are combined with stencils or stickers to urge the specified look.

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