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‘Hair colours’, is a much-searched term by anyone looking for a makeover.  But of course, there’s the initial confusion over whether to go vibrant or do something natural, which hair colour you want, which colour would actually suit your skin tone and hair. Every new season brings with it opportunities to do a new haircut and update your hair colour. Take a look at shades like daring shade, subtly covering greys, or just offer your current hair colour an immediate boost with a number of highlights, lowlights, or even perhaps a toning service.

Selecting Hair Colour

How do I decide the proper hair colour for my skin tone
Hair highlighting can be a bit confusing so research properly and then decide the best colour for you from the hair colour chart for Indian skin to suit your skin tone. Keep your personal needs and style in mind, and, of course, don’t forget to have a little fun while you’re at it! There may come a time when you are tired of colouring your brown hair to golden, and you want to return to a brown shade. 


Highlights are one in all the foremost common hair color processes and may apply to a variety of various processes. They have a tendency to be 2-3 shades lighter than your base color.


Lowlights work to deepen your natural hair color, adding richness and dimension to any look. If your hair is looking flat, lowlights may assist you in fake some volume during a type of hair color optical phenomenon.

Temporary Hair Colour

Temporary color washes right out, creating it good for making an attempt a replacement shade.


Semi-permanent hair colour offers the advantage of longer-lasting colour while not the duration, creating it nice for 1st time colour.


This means the color lasts for a lot longer, however, it’s necessary to use the proper hair care to avoid brassiness, dry hair split ends and flyaway – particularly for hair that has been lightened.

Burgundy Hair colour

These burgundy colors look perfect on darker shades of hair. This burgundy hair color shade is a great pick for lowlights too.

Soft Red Hair colour

This luminescent red with shades of pink is perfect for people that want to make a statement but don’t want to go over the top.

Dark Blue Hair Colour

This look is perfect for straight hair and looks stunning on shorter hair.

Light-brown Hair colour

These light brown hair colour provide a perfect dimension to the original hairstyle and add look absolutely beautiful.

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